At the beginning of 2018, we were appointed as the sole agent in the UK, Ireland and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) for AddUp, a leading manufacturer of additive (3D printing) machine tools.

Kingsbury: The Only UK Distributor of AddUp

AddUp is the leading manufacturer of additive machine tools. A subsidiary of Fives and Michelin, the French 3D printer manufacturer was founded in 2016. The company’s aim is to design, develop and market industrial printing machines and production workshops for metal additive manufacturing technology on a global scale.

The two founding companies bring a unique set of expertise when it comes to additive metal manufacturing; Five with its capacity for innovation in mechanical engineering and automation of industrial processes through digital systems –and Michelin with its expertise in metal additive manufacturing to produce moulds on an industrial scale that wouldn’t otherwise be made by traditional means.

AddUp Distributors in the UK

In 2018, AddUp was appointed the UK, Ireland and GCC’s (Gulf Cooperation Council) sole agent. AddUp aims to enhance customers’ metal additive productionby changing the way they think about it, especially when it comes to preconceptions about production methods.

AddUp machines enable economical and uninterrupted, large-scale production of high-quality components. AddUp machines utilise a variety of materials and can reduce waste,making it a ground-breaking alternative for the aerospace and automotive industries.

Metal Additive Manufacturing

Pioneering 3D printing solutions across the industry, AddUp also offers customer assistance on the production of metal parts, supports additive manufacturing investment projects or additional production needs.

A key area for AddUp and wider growth in metal additive manufacturing relies on the development of powder bed fusion –a process which involves melting successive layers of metal with computer-controlled laser beams.

AddUp’s expertise goes beyond the traditional services associated with additive manufacturing companies–they help you find both the right technological and financial solutions to suit your needs and budget.

“Our raison d’être is to add more value to customers’ AM production than our competitors can. We start this process by changing the mindset of prospective users with respect to any preconceptions they may have about production methods and then providing holistic counselling along the AM route.”

– Vincent Ferreiro, CEO, AddUp

AddUp Start

AddUp Start is the introduction, set-up and initial support of new purchases. They help you identify your specific needs and implement your 3D metal printing machine. Preparation is key –AddUp Start considers all the steps you need to take in order to properly industrialise your room and highlight and develop the necessary measures to make sure everything runs smoothly.

AddUp Think

Regardless of knowledge and experience, AddUp Think is designed to bring tailored advice and training straight to you and your team. This service is provided throughout all stages of your set-up, no matter how established you may already be. AddUp Think’s goal is to bring their expertise and help you think and design differently in a way that enables you to fulfil your needs efficiently and economically.

Types of additive manufacturing for Industry

3D printing has revolutionised a range of industries across the world and AddUp is at the forefront of its innovation. Here are some examples of 3D printing in industry:

Metal additive manufacturing in the automotive industry

With Michelin as one of AddUp’s parents, it’s no surprise that the company is pioneering additive manufacturing in the automobile industry. Since the early 2000s, Michelin has used 3D printing to produce baking moulds which of consist of thousands of steel slats –more for winter tyres. Outside of tyres, metal additive manufacturing is used in the production of engine parts, tools, and interior trim.

Metal additive manufacturing in the medical sector

CARMAT run an advanced artificial heart project which aims to design and develop therapeutic alternatives to patients suffering terminal heart conditions, such as terminal biventricular heart failure. Their work with AddUp has meant that CARMAT has successfully optimised anatomical interfaces by reducing the number of components. This improved compatibility and comfort for patients as well as making the device more secure.

Metal additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector

3D printing is used in the aerospace industry to lighten and optimise existing parts, as well as completely redesign new parts entirely, to name but a few. Creating and pioneering new technology for aerospace

Metal additive manufacturing in the luxury sector

AddUp helped Decayeux print luxury doors with a quality that would otherwise be unattainable with traditional metal additive manufacturing. 3D printing enables unrivalled detail thanks to nearly unlimited freedom of form when creating and designing new objects.

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