Index CNC multi-spindle automatics videos

The first of a pair of high-quality videos explaining the advantages of using German-built INDEX CNC multi-spindle automatics (multis) has been produced and published by the manufacturer’s sales and service agent for the UK and Ireland, Kingsbury.

When producing highly accurate turn-milled parts, a 40 per cent increase in the price-performance ratio is claimed for INDEX MS-Series multis, which have six (or eight) independently controllable C-axis spindles served by static and driven tools. Absence of longitudinal slides has produced an uncluttered machining area, improving operator access and promoting unrestricted chip flow.

The video describes how easy the multis are to set and use compared with their conventional, cam-operated counterparts, greatly reducing economical batch size. As the rotation of each spindle can be set independently, all cutting parameters can be optimised, making the machining of difficult alloys routine.

Over 2,000 INDEX MS-series multis are in operation worldwide. Customer consensus is that these high-speed, quiet lathes are easily capable of holding 20 microns tolerance and consistently achieve Cpk 1.67 process capability.