FormUp™ 350

The FormUp™ range of machines for direct metal multi-laser melting, offer reliability and productivity.

FormUp 350

Insights into the FormUp 350

  • AddUp machines can produce 24/7, with OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) that meets industrial companies’ toughest expectations.
  • Currently unrivaled surface quality, material integrity and internal stress levels
  • Possibility of manufacturing surfaces with very low angles relative to the unsupported horizontal
  • Michelin’s experience in industrial production and the use of the “PMPM” (Powder, Machine, Part, Method) quality planning process, in which all parameters are fully controlled, guarantee that the parts produced are high-quality and ensure repeatability under the qualification conditions required for all types of certification.

Key Features

Effective production volume FormUp™ 350 - 350 x 350 x 350 mm
Laser Type 500W Yb fiber laser - 1 to 2 lasers
Optical chain 3D Scanner
Control of oxygen level adapted to materials used Argon & Nitrogen with programmable control of oxygen depending on constraints of the process and materials used
materials used Coating system Bidirectional
Roll system (treated or coated) / Blade system Interchangeable enabling use of all powders
Accuracy of spot position on the plate ± 35 µm
± 35 μm Part reproducibility ± 0,03 mm (for minimal thickness)
Thickness of programmable layer 20 µm to 100 µm
Scanner speed 10m/s maximun
Heated platform 200°C (up to 500°C available° in 2018)
Managing powder change Full interchangeability of powder circuit (modules, dosers, distributors) enabling quick change of materials
Machine autonomy Reservoir volume large enough to complete a full plate following a customised configuration process. Option to refill reservoir without halting production
AddUp Control System Controls machine configuration upstream, completed through interactive surveillance of all the parameters useful during component production

“Our raison d’être is to add more value to customers’ AM production than our competitors can. We start this process by changing the mindset of prospective users with respect to any preconceptions they may have about production methods and then providing holistic counselling along the AM route.”

– Vincent Ferreiro, CEO, AddUp

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