The new high-performer for the aviation industry, the horizontal machining centre FZH.

Key Features

Working ranges X-axis 7,000 mm
Y-axis 3,500 mm
Z-axis 2,000 mm
Table size Length 6,000 mm
Width 3,000 mm
Height 250 mm
Table Load max. 5,000 kg/m2
T-Slots (longitudinal) 18H12
Pitch of T-Slots 250 mm
Feed rates Feed X- and Y-axis up to 50 m/min
Feed Z-axis up to 30 m/min
Acceleration of Linear Axes up to 5 m/s2
Accuracy Positioning accuracy X-axis 0,050 mm
Positioning accuracy Y-axis 0,030 mm
Positioning accuracy Z-axis 0,030 mm
Repeatability X-axis 0,040 mm
Repeatability Y-axis 0,040 mm
Repeatability Z-axis 0,015 mm

Zimmermann’s new HMC

German manufacturer Zimmermann has introduced a new horizontal-spindle machining centre (HMC) for the efficient production of structural components in the aerospace industry.gfgfg

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