Kingsbury Gulf dazzles Dubai Airshow with latest 3D metal printing technology demo

State-of-the-art machinery and tools to be added to UAE’s USD47.4 billion and growing aerospace industry

Kingsbury Gulf, a leading provider of advanced European machine tooling equipment, will unveil exclusively during Dubai Airshow 2019 a virtual reality demo from French top manufacturer AddUp a partnership between the Fives Group & Michelin, one of the world’s leading Additive metal 3D printing machine builders that recently introduced ground-breaking technology into the market.

“3D metal printing – also known as ‘additive manufacturing’ – is really revolutionising the aerospace industry, says Richard Kingsbury, managing director of Kingsbury. “With reduced cost of materials and streamlined production development cycles, companies no longer have to wait several days for a prototype.”

Today thousands of components are now being manufactured using 3D printing and proven themselves as a viable replacement to traditionally manufactured parts. AddUp additive machines, for instance, were  designed to perform exceptionally well with the organic shapes and compound curves common in aerospace components.

The virtual reality demo will also take visitors to the manufacturer’s production facilities in France where the additive 3D printing solutions are produced.

Visitors at the Kingsbury booth will be able to view videos on a number of other fascinating fabrication processes such as the Hermle C400 machine as it creates a 3D model of the Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai out of an aluminium billet of material. The C400 is one of a wider range of 5-axis milling machines – Computer Numerical Control machines (CNC) – produced by the German manufacturer Hermle.

“We established ourselves within the region as a response to the demand for metal-forming machines,” says Mr Kingsbury. “Ever since our launch, we have been astounded by the potential of this region. It has become clear that there is a growing need for a sophisticated solutions provider within the aerospace and 3D metal printing industry, based in the Gulf region. Our presence here enables us to move more easily between key economic centres and provide strategic expertise to customers across the region.”

Launched in 2018 with a portfolio of state-of-the-art German and French machinery and with 60 years of UK expertise, Kingsbury Gulf has since expanded its reach to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman from its base in Dubai. The suppliers extensive portfolio includes leading industry manufacturers such as Burkhardt + Weber, Waldrich Coburg, Haas, Index Traub, SHW Werkzeugmaschinen, Hermle, Zimmerman, and AddUp, a leading manufacturer of additive 3D printing machine tools.

The company’s commitment reflects the importance of the aerospace industry within the region, highlighted by a recent report from the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Currently, the industry supports 800,000 jobs and contributes USD47.4 billion to the UAE’s economy. The report also estimates that the UAE’s aviation market will grow 170% by 2037, support 1.4 million jobs, and contribute USD128 billion in GDP to the nation’s economy.

“The importance of the aerospace industry in this region cannot be understated,” says Neil Harrington, regional director & general manager. “With Kingsbury Gulf, our customers are able to choose, right at their doorsteps, from a wide range of advanced machinery sourced from leading European manufacturers, complemented by unrivalled technical expertise when it comes to long-term machine maintenance and applications support.”

One of the main benefits of the company’s high performing machines is reduced floor-to-floor times, which directly reduces the cost per part. As many of the machines work around the clock and are unmanned, high productivity rates are exceptionally crucial across multiple industries.

Hailed as the industry’s most influential event, Dubai Airshow 2019 takes place from 17th to 21st November at Dubai World Central and is a global platform for the aerospace industry and businesses in the region. A bi-annual event, the 2019 edition will feature over 1300 exhibitors from across the globe. Kingsbury Gulf will be exhibiting from stand no. 1815, where visitors will be invited on a virtual reality journey like no other.