Read: Aerospace Rising Stars Showcasing Innovation at Dubai Airshow

A year of milestones

The world of aerospace has long held mankind in its thrall. The development of aircraft and spacecraft has both fascinated and frustrated experts over the decades.

This year has seen two particularly significant milestones. In July, the world celebrated the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, the first crewed mission to land on the Moon. And in September, the first Emirati astronaut Hazza Al Mansouri made history as he embarked on the UAE’s first space mission, with eight days on the International Space Station.

Before the end of the year, aerospace will make headlines once again – thanks to Dubai Airshow in November. Kingsbury Gulf will be joining around 1,300 other exhibitors between 17th and 21st November, as the Airshow brings together the aerospace community.

Seen as one of the region’s most important trade shows, Dubai Airshow promises “an unrivalled gateway to established and developing markets”, no doubt underpinned by the Middle East’s position as the rising star of the aerospace industry.

Showcasing innovation

At Kingsbury Gulf, we are looking forward to showcasing one of our most innovative machinery offerings to the aerospace industry – the Hermle C400. German company Hermle is one of the world’s leading machine builders, producing a wide range of 5-axis Computer Numerical Control machines (CNCs).

We chose the C400 for live demonstrations of complex 3D reductive metal machining at Dubai Airshow, as they are ideal for the aerospace industry – largely thanks to the limited amount of re-fixturing required. It will come as no surprise that any typical aerospace component is highly complex, a continuous 5-axis machine is the most effective and efficient machining solution. The C400 that we’ll be showcasing on our stand deals exceptionally well with the organic shapes and compound curves common in aerospace components. Think of a turbine blade with its various curves – these are cast and typically machined by a 5-axis machining centre, to achieve the final desired shape and surface finish.

At this year’s Dubai Airshow, we will be honouring our strong ties with the UAE with a special offering that showcases this impressive machine’s capabilities. Visit our team at Stand 1815 to discover more and see the C400 in action.