Read: Engineering excellence from Kingsbury Gulf

Building on more than 60 years of success in the UK, our launch of Kingsbury Gulf comes at a prescient time.

As we witness diversification away from traditional oil and gas economies, towards a focus on high value manufacturing, there is a rising demand for precision machining equipment. At Kingsbury, we see the manufacturing sector in the region gathering momentum and are experiencing strong demand for our expertise. We can play an important role in this diversification. With solutions spanning multiple sectors, from industrial and medical, to transport, aerospace and energy, we have set our sights on establishing Kingsbury Gulf as the leading provider of specialist machinery in the region.

Looking within the GCC, it is no surprise that in the UAE, the machine tool industry is still driven by Oil & Gas sector and its allied supportive industries. Apart from Oil & Gas, sheet metal fabrication and the construction industry are the major users of machine tools. The UAE offers 26% of the GCC’s total market share in metal cutting machines, surpassed only by KSA. What doesn’t differ across the GCC, is that customers do not compromise on quality, always choosing the most productive machines. We’ve also seen a strong preference for globally recognised brands, reflected in our high value solutions from Germany and France.

Long-standing relationships with prestigious original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), together with a loyal and expanding customer base of sub-contractors, means that our machine solutions are represented in almost every aspect in various industries, across a wide range of applications. Our tried and tested business model has proved successful in the UK and Ireland for more than 60 years, and our strategy for the Gulf involves transferring this model to the new market. Customers in this region demand excellence, delivered through our unparalleled level of technical expertise and exceptional across-the-board support.

Every manufacturer we work with is a leader in their respective field, meaning we are able to provide customers with optimal production platforms in a wide range of industries, from the smallest medical component to the largest power generation part. Our comprehensive range of machines is sourced from respected leading German manufacturers (Burkhardt + Weber, Waldrich Coburg, Haas, Index Traub, SHW Werkzeugmaschinen, Hermle, Zimmerman), and French manufacturer AddUp, a leader in the field of additive (3D printing) machine tools. This combination, together with an unrivalled technical expertise in Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining, ensures we can offer total solutions to meet industry needs.

The launch of our wholly-owned subsidiary in Dubai builds on our British successes. With operations covering the UAE, KSA, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain, we are now recruiting and training highly professional sales, applications and service engineers. Our mandate is to deliver high value manufacturing solutions that provide the lowest end-to-end cost per part, coupled with the highest accuracy, reliability and repeatability. For more than six decades, we have established Kingsbury as the unparalleled leader in our field. We certainly hope to repeat that success here, with Kingsbury Gulf.