Second video on multi-spindle turning

The second video produced by Kingsbury describing the merits of using German-built INDEX multi-spindle automatics (multis) for highly productive CNC turn-milling is available to view here.

While the first video focuses on ease of setting and programming, better ergonomics, increased productivity and high accuracy, the latest one looks in more detail at the technology that underpins the advantages of INDEX MS-series machines over other six-spindle multis on the market.

Of particular note is patented technology that eliminates the need for slip rings and allows permanent connection between each spindle and its drive motor. It is achieved by rapid reversal of the spindle drum’s servo drive, rotating it backwards by 300 degrees to reach the sixth sequential index position. Secure hydraulic clamping and unclamping of the drum after each rotation is via a three-ring Hirth coupling, ensuring rigidity and accurate alignment.

Another feature of INDEX multis is the use of hydrostatic bushings in the headstock that virtually eliminate wear on the slides. It also promotes excellent damping properties, allowing highly accurate finish turning at one spindle position and roughing at another with no migration of vibration.

The video concludes by highlighting a sample component that takes 52 seconds to turn-mill on a 20 mm capacity, twin-spindle lathe but just 10.6 seconds on an INDEX multi, nearly 80 per cent faster, delivering a cost-per-part saving of 30 per cent.