Kingsbury has more than 50 years of experience in the supply, installation and set-up of high quality, precision lathes from the most respected continental manufacturers.

CNC Turning Machines and Lathes

Our current range of CNC lathes continues our proud tradition of supplying only the best machines that the industry has to offer. Use the navigation below to explore our range or get in touch for expert assistance in choosing the right machine to optimise your productivity.

“We installed our first Traubs a decade ago and have been consistently impressed with the quality of build and high power of the spindles and live tooling as well as their reliability and productivity.”

– Janet Vincent, Managing Director

Business is booming at Vire Engineering, Totnes, which produces high-quality hose and pipe fittings for plumbing race cars, from Clubman up to Formula One, to ensure that brake fluid, fuel, oil and coolant all flow reliably.

Vire Engineering Case Study

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